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Wood Co Investments is an Australian company that prides itself on supplying superior firewood.  We only process firewood with optimal moisture content for superior burning. Our firewood is sourced from Southern Queensland and the Border River and is available in convenient and 100% recycled cardboard boxes for easy transport and neat storage. *500kg bulk pack is provided in a bulk bag, not a cardboard box. We are a growing company currently supplying Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Environmentally Conscious

The low moisture levels in our Ironbark means it is a cleaner burning fuel with limited ash that causes less harm to our ozone layer.  Packaging for our boxed products is made from 100% recycled materials which can even be used as a fire starter.

Community Involvement

With our main supply coming from rural Queensland, we are very conscious of how important local business is to the economies in these regions. We are reinvesting back into these communities, employing local people and supporting local businesses when carrying out our operations.

Firewood Association of Australia

We are proud members of the FAA so you can be confident that our wood has been harvested legally from sustainable sources and that biodiversity and threatened species have been protected. Woodco adheres to the Voluntary Code of Practice for Firewood Merchants which is a mandatory condition of membership in the FAA. The Code of Practice was developed by an Inter-Government Taskforce made up of representatives from the environment departments of all States, as well as the federal environment Department.

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Bundles of wood | Wood Co
Bundles of wood | Wood Co
woodco box
Woods Box | Wood co
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